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In this video I attempted to create a game from scratch, using only the code generated by OpenAI's newest creation, ChatGPT. This AI chatbot absolutely blew me away with what it could do, and I truly think it will change game dev in the future. If you like game development challenges like this, consider subscribing.

About me:
Hey, I'm BenBonk, an indie game developer who uses the Unity Engine. I've made and released many small games before on my itch page, though now I'm attempting to make my first commercial game, Slimekeep. Slimekeep is a roguelike, using a very limited color palette, similar to Enter the Gungeon, though with a few interesting mechanics, such as keeping slimes alive longer will earn you more money, and the ability to capture slimes to power up your slime pet. If you enjoyed anything you saw, please consider subscribing, as it really helps me out.

Music by Pieper Beats

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