How to Make AI YouTube Videos with ChatGPT in Minutes! (New Method)

You can create videos in just a couple of minutes using AI tools!

I will teach you how to recreate a YouTube Channel that earns passive income and make it into your own, so that you can create videos asap and earn passive income! Bonus tip as well at the end of the video on how to create 2 passive income streams instead of just one!

► Get the ChatGPT here:
► Get your Video Generated here:
► Generate AI Audio here:


0:01 – Earn Passively with AI Generated Videos
0:29 – What do we need?
0:55 – Step 1: Generating the Script with AI
3:50 – Step 2: Generating the Video with AI
9:49 – Step 3: Generating the Audio with AI
12:48 – Our finished video created in just minutes!
14:22 – Bonus Tip for more Passive Income!


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