How to Enable Siri Pro AND Turn Siri into Chat GPT

Heard of Chat GPT Siri? Well here’s how to enable Siri Pro and change Siri into Chat GPT on iPhone and iOS free! Siri doesn’t always behave the way we want, but you can now make a smart ChatGPT Siri that uses AI to give you richer responses.

Siri Pro mode uses Chat GPT via the Shortcut app. It will turn Siri into Chat GPT. So this is a great way how to get Chat GPT Siri Pro on iPhone, iOS and iPad. Chat GPT is an AI model by OpenAI and is free to use. So turn Siri into Chat GPT and make it superhuman!

To use Siri Pro, you will need to have or create a Chat GPT account using this link:

Then you will need to retrieve your Chat GPT API from this link:

Next, paste it into the "text" field of this ChatGPT Siri Pro Shortcut, which you can download from here:

Rename the Shortcut to "Pro" so all you need to do is say "Hey Siri Pro"

Go have fun with using Siri Pro mode after you make Chat GPT Siri Pro!

So what is ChatGPT? ChatGPT was built by Open AI and is essentially a revolutionary advanced AI chat bot that you can interact with, free and easy. Chat GPT had record users in 5 days, 1 million users in fact. OpenAI's Chat GPT app for iOS is fun to use! So watch this video to get a quick tutorial on how to get the chat Siri GPT app download on your iPhone.

After watching this chatbot ChatGPT Siri tutorial for beginners video, you will be able to use and interact with chat GPT on your Phone as an app via the shortcuts feature in 2 minutes!

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⏱️Table of Contents⏱️ for "How to Enable Chat GPT Siri Pro Mode"
0:00 Chat GPT Account
0:23 Step 1
0:38 Step 2
1:21 Step 3
2:29 Step 4
3:48 Chat GPT use case
5:00 Step 5
5:40 Rename Siri Pro
5:57 What next

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