ChatGPT in an iOS Shortcut | Ultimate HomeKit Voice Assistant

I built the world's smartest home assistant using Siri Shortcuts by interacting with GPT-3, the powerful model behind ChatGPT. This home assistant can control your HomeKit home and even provide answers to a variety of questions around life, parenting, and more.

Building this assistant is made possible by using Shortcuts, a powerful automation tool on iOS, macOS or iPadOS. I came up with a clever prompt that lets me instruct GPT-3 to return a JSON format with specific actions and commands. Using if-else statements in Shortcuts, I could then handle the returns and trigger the necessary actions or simply answer the question.

What makes this home assistant so smart is its ability to understand and analyze responses. This works fundamentally differently from Siri or Alexa.

If you are interested in how I built it, head over to the detailed instructions:

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