Build a Website using ChatGPT in 1 Minute #openai #chatgpt

#openai #chatgpt

In this video, we will build a full stack web app using chat gpt.
We are gonna build a random emoji generator website.
Every time you visit this website ,it will show you a different emoji.
Tech stack is HTML, CSS , Python and Flask server.
Then we will deploy this website to the cloud.
Today, we will use 'pythonanywhere'.
At last, this website is live and available to all of you at:

Demo of website: (0:00)
Tech stack HTML, CSS, Python, Flask: (0:19)
Step 1- Go to Pixabay: (0:29)
Step 2- Go to ChatGPT and write Prompts: (0:44)
Reply from ChatGPT: (0:59)
Copy and Paste code: (1:07)
Run code: (1:17)
Check our website: (1:23)
Add CSS code: (1:29)
Copy and paste new code: (1:42)
Restart server: (1:47)
Website is ready: (1:50)
Deploy Flask app to Pythonanywhere: (1:58)
Upload files and code: (2:20)
Website is live: (2:43)
Thank you: (2:52)

Check out the website :
Check out Online Image Converter :

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