[AMC] give me back my money or else #AdamAron ChatGPT Dan, hack prediction come true? Find out FEB16

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ChatGPT Dan, hack prediction come true? Find out FEB16 [AMC] give me back my money or else #AdamAron

OMG, 👀 Look, #Beast #American #Bully King Atticus & Queen Delilah puppies coming weeks #shorts sale

OMG, 👀 Look, American Bully King Atticus & Queen Delilah puppies coming weeks #shortsfeed
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– Home Of The Original American Bully Since 2004!
The founding registry (ABKC) divided the American Bully into four categories, including the Pocket, Standard, Classic, and XL, whereas other registries, including the UKC, have approved one consistent size standard. There are several types, ranging from pocket to XXL in size and weight.

The American Bulldog has a history that is traced back to 1121 BC and some would argue even thousands of years before that. We won’t get into every aspect of our history dating to 1121 BC… We will focus on what the modern American Bulldog is and what it represents. The modern American Bulldogs ended up in the South Eastern part of the United States, including Georgia and it’s surrounding states. The majority of them came with early English settlers between 1732 and 1736. This is where the story of the modern American Bulldog begins… The general purpose of the modern American Bulldog was to serve as a farm utility dog. A dog that had enough grit and athleticism to deal with the likes of wild boars, out of control livestock or trespassers. A dog whose temperament allowed it to become part of the family it was bred to protect. Used as an “estate dog” or a “farm utility dog” the modern American Bulldog was to exemplify these valued traits. The modern American Bulldog was to be visual and physical deterrent for any wrong doers with improper intentions. The beginning of the modern American Bulldog as a breed began around the 1950′s when John D. Johnson began to collect Bulldogs from around the GA area to breed, sell and advertise as the American “Pit” Bulldog. Later in 1985, he would drop the “Pit” from the name so as not to be confused with it’s cousin the American Pit Bull Terrier. The original standard was written by John D. Johnson on a paper napkin decades ago. Through the years as other American Bulldog registries have emerged .. the standards have been changed little by little. In our humble opinion, we feel that the standard still does not correctly reflect the vast majority of the “Bully Type” American Bulldogs. We are one of the only breeds that have allowed 2 standards for one breed. The argument has been that we are a working breed and we shouldn’t have a “type”.. Without a “type” how do we call ourselves a breed? There are many “working breeds”… but any registered breed has a “look/type”.. Why should we be any different? The “Bully” movement is less then a decade old (as of 2006)… the dogs are changing based on what people are breeding/buying. And the thing about it is, that even in the beginning… when a few “bully” dogs would pop up from here and there… none would fit the standard as it was written. We have created a standard that represents dogs that are found in every bully enthusiasts yard and appreciate them as such… Accordingly, the standard for the “Bully” American Bulldog is as follows.

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