Hacking with ChatGPT: Five A.I. Based Attacks for Offensive Security

ChatGPT may represent one of the biggest disruptions in modern history with it's powerful A.I based chatbot. But within weeks of ChatGPT's release, security researchers discovered several cases of people using ChatGPT for everything from malware development to exploit coding. In this video, take a look at the five ways attackers are utilizing ChatGPT for wrong doing.

0:14 Intro to ChatGPT / Natural Language Processing (NLP) & GPT
1:28 Using ChatGPT for Vulnerability Discovery
1:56 Vulnerability Prompts to Utilize
3:10 Writing Exploits
3:35 Exploit Prompts to Utilize
4:33 Malware Development
5:00 Malware Examples (Stealers, Command & Control)
5:42 Polymorphic Malware Development Using ChatGPT
6:21 A.I. Based Phishing using NLP (Natural Language Processing)
7:20 ChatGPT Advantages over Traditional Phishing Messages
7:41 Custom Messages Using GPT-3
8:04 Using Macros and LOLBINs
9:33 GPT-3 vs GPT-4 (Coming Soon)
9:56 Cybersecurity Considerations and Predictions

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