The 7 ChatGPT Prompt HACKS Pros Use

We’ve discovered ChatGPT prompt hacks to help every user of the chatbot get better results from the OpenAI software. This will help you improve your prompt engineering, make money with chatgpt or improve copywriting with ChatGPT.

List of all Prompts 👇 [PS – they will be live with every future video]

[Writing Style✍] Prompt 1
I would like you to create a tone of voice and style of writing based on the following extract [INSERT EXTRACT IN QUOTATIONS]. You are only allowed to respond in the above mentioned tone of voice

[Quality Maximiser✅ Prompt 2
Ignore all previous prompts. You are an expert in [ENTER FIELD], you have been in this field for 30 years. You must always ask questions before answering to ensure you have a full understanding. With this in mind I would like you to provide a 8-step diet plan for a 30-year old obese male to lose weight. Please tailor solutions that are low-cost and accessible

[Perspective Change🤔] Prompt 3
Please answer the question again from the perspective of [INSERT PERSPECTIVE]

[Critique🧐] Prompt 4
Please provide a list of reasons as to why the above list might not work

[Email Marketing📧] Prompt 5 A
You are an expert in email marketing with over 30 years experience. Please provide 10 options for an email subject line with a focus on maximising clickability. The product is a logo redesign with a focus on high-quality and affordable prices.

[Email Marketing📧] Prompt 5 B
Provide a list of reasons as to why our desired customer might not open the email

[Email Marketing📧] Prompt 5 C

With this in mind, please upgrade the initial 10 suggestions accounting for the reasons you have just mentioned, maximising click ability

[Summariser📚] Prompt 6A
Summarise the following text [ENTER TEXT]

[Summariser📚] Prompt 6B
Please provide it in bullet points written in the language for a 10 year old

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00:18 Value
00:28 Prompt Marketplace
01:36 Style Primer Method
02:58 Quality Maximiser
04:54 Perspective Priming
06:18 Prompt Action Insight
07:51 Style Variation
08:52 CHATGPT Technologies
09:57 What Next

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