LLaMA & Alpaca: Install “ChatGPT” ON Your LOCAL Computer

In this video, I will demonstrate how you can utilize the Dalai library to operate advanced large language models on your personal computer. You heard it right! With this library, we can execute the foundational LLaMA language model and the Alpaca model, which is capable of adhering to instructions similar to ChatGPT. The LLaMA model is a broad language model that can predict the next word based on a given input sequence, while the Alpaca model is a fine-tuned version of LLaMA that can follow instructions. Surprisingly, both models can achieve comparable or even superior outcomes compared to their GPT counterparts and can still fit on your local computer. In this video, I will show you that with only a few steps utilizing the Dalai library, you can run "ChatGPT" on your personal computer.

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Self instruct research paper –
Alpaca announcement –
Dalai GitHub repo –
Node download link –
LLaMA Paper:

Intro : [0:00]
LLaMA Paper: [01:00]
Dalai Repo: [3:25]
Alpaca: [03:45]
Installation instruction: [6:50]
Running Dalai: [10:40]
Comparison with ChatGPT: [12:00]
Closing Thoughts: [14:50]

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