Using ChatGPT-3 to Make YouTube Videos in Minutes (FULL GUIDE)

I show you how to use ChatGPT-3 to generate YouTube video scripts and then how to turn that script into a YouTube video as fast as possible.

Creators of all kinds have been using ChatGPT for everything they can think of. From articles, to social media copy, to workout routines to complex coding. So in this video, I wanted to show the process of how to make YouTube videos with different AI tools including ChatGPT.

The Final Video:
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After watching this video, you'll now be able to produce full YouTube videos without recording your voice or anything on your camera. And now you know how to make youtube videos with ChatGPT. Is this the rise of faceless YouTube Channels?

Artificial intelligence has come such a long way and it makes me wonder how soon will it be before video editors are no longer needed? I'm not saying that they'll be completely replaced, but a lot of the tedious editing work will be done by computers… Making things like editing YouTube videos even more enjoyable.

For example, YouTube automation channels and cashcow channels are only getting to increase quality and output with tools likes these.

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