Using AI to Cheat on Discord Staff Apps

ChatGPT is a wild beast. You can use it to write funny jokes, explain novel concepts, but most importantly use it to cheat on those boring Discord staff applications. Now it may seem like AI doesn't have the guts or the brain power to do it. But, feast your eyes on this 9 minutes and 46 seconds of AI exploration.

My AI girlfriend left me.


Discord Server

My PC + Desk Setup stuff

00:00 – Using AI to answer
01:06 – The Staff Application
01:59 – ChatGPT moderated before!
03:18 – ChatGPT Blunder
03:49 – Test Scenarios
05:15 – The best response
06:29 – Uh oh spaghetti-o
07:57 – The downfall
08:46 – ChatGPT chad
09:10 – ChatGPT is VERY viable

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