Use the chatGPT API to build a WhatsApp VM to JIRA ticket app, all with Low-Code

Want to learn more about using OpenAI's chatGPT API? Maybe you plan to launch your own AI-powered application? Follow this beginner-friendly low-code tutorial from CRANQ, and build an astonishing WhatsApp-Voice-Message-to-JIRA-ticket converter.

When you have built this app, you will be able to send a voice message over Whatsapp to a number, then see that voice message transformed into a fully-formed JIRA ticket, including Title, Summary, Acceptance Criteria and Priority. On the way, you're going to pick up deep prompt engineering skills.

Ready? Download CRANQ for free from , and watch the video

Other Pre-Requisites


Azure speech to text:



00:00 Introduction
01:35 Project Outline
02:25 Environment Variables
04:38 The WhatsApp API
18:06 Azure Speech Recogniser
23:36 AI Ticket Generator, powered by OpenAI
25:05 JIRA Ticket Insertion

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