Use Chat GPT To BREAK School ft. Elon Musk

Ethically Use A.I. and Chat GPT to Get Top Grades, Save Time, and Get Into Your Top (Ivy-league) University

This Is the MOST Valuable Chat GPT School Video on the Internet. These Are Elite High Achievement Strategies for High School Success From a perfect student studying at UPenn Wharton Engineering. You Likely Have Never Heard of These Tactics.

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Disclaimer: I want to make it very clear that I do not encourage cheating or academic dishonesty. The tips and tools I'm sharing are intended to help students study more effectively and efficiently, while following academic integrity guidelines. As with any study technique, it's important to use these tools ethically and responsibly, and to always uphold the standards of academic integrity in your work.

Here is absolutely everything you need to know on how to not miss out on the AI revolution that will save you time and pain in every aspect of High School while being ethical plus how you can learn what I consider to be Elon Musk’s most valuable skill. Use these artificial intelligence, chat GPT skills, to become more productive, get top schools, and get into top ivy league universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

Are you a high school student looking to boost your study skills and get into top universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford? Look no further than AI-powered study tips and ChatGPT writing tools to help you study smarter, not harder.

In this video, I'll show you how to use AI to tackle your coursework efficiently and achieve academic success. With productivity hacks and time management strategies, you can make the most of your study time and stay on top of your assignments.

We'll explore ethical studying techniques, such as using ChatGPT to build the foundation of your writing assignments and brainstorm creative ideas for your essays. Learn how to use ChatGPT for studying and reading comprehension, and discover high school productivity tips and Elon Musk's study methods.

I'll show you how to use AI to study smarter, not harder. You'll learn productivity hacks and time management strategies, as well as AI-powered study tips to help you efficiently tackle your coursework and achieve academic success.

We'll explore ethical studying techniques, such as using AI writing tools like ChatGPT to build the foundation of your writing assignments, and how to use ChatGPT for studying and reading comprehension. You'll also discover high school productivity tips, Elon Musk's study methods, and the future of education with AI and the future of learning.

I see this as the future of education and will make students much smarter as we can focus on the creativity and idea generating skills rather than the actual execution. Complicated Grammar will become, to an arguably lesser degree, similar to complicated arithmetic in math.

Prompts mentioned:

I saw this one instruction from “All About AI” ( ) that I thought was very clever. I would suggest pasting in the rubric before hand and having the Chat use that rubric as fuel for then making these suggestions:

[INSTRUCTIONS] I have a {text} I would like to make changes to. Generate a table of 10 different suggestions of improvements that could be related to the {text} with numbers in the left column of the table for me to pick from. After the table, ask the question “What improvements would you like to make to the {text}? Pick one from the table above” below the table. Acknowledge with “…” if you understand the task, don’t create a table yet.

“As a high school teacher in Math teaching in Philadelphia, you have been working and teaching for over 20 years with a degree in Mathematics. Your task is to create a Grade 10 math question on the topic of quadratics. Do not reveal the answer until I say so”

“Let’s think about this step by step considering all possible options”

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