How To Get Around ChatGPT Detectors

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In this video, I'll be running AI-generated text through various plagiarism detection tools, to make sure that no one gets caught up in any plagiarism-related issues. We'll be using a traditional plagiarism detector, and then an AI-specific one. We'll also take a look at how to get around the plagiarism detectors, and how to use the rephrasing technology to make sure the text passes the AI detector. In the end, I'll be showing you a bunch of creative ways to use ChatGPT, so stay tuned!


Small set tools:
GPT-2 Output Detector Demo:

📝 Write me an essay about the importance of avoiding plagiarism in universities.
💬 Write it in a tone that is not typical to AI.
🤔 Analyze the following text for style and tone of voice. Apply that exact style and tone of voice to all your future responses: [insert your writing].

0:00 Use responsibly
0:57 First check
2:00 AI maneuver
3:14 Paraphrase in AI
4:44 Be careful

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