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After three weeks of prompt engineering at work, I have discovered two amazing things that ChatGPT can do for us. These ChatGPT SEO Strategies are guaranteed to blow you away, and help you rank easily on Google.


Both of these things are guaranteed results for your SEO and will help increase not only the ranking of individual pages, but as a whole, the entire website.

The point of this process is to add two incredibly important aspects of SEO to your website: More content and more internal links.

First Prompt

The first prompt is actually using ChatGPT to automatically add contextualized internal links to your article.

To create the prompt, you will need to first:

Pick a subject for the article, I have chosen “best four season Italian Designer Suit Brands in the World”
Give the brands to talk about
Give context for each brand and why they should be included
Get your list of potential internal links and paste them at the bottom of the prompt
The way we do this is we provide the following prompt, with some links at the bottom of the prompt, which ChatGPT will then automatically internally link for you:

“Write a blog post. Include as internal links using markdown hyperlink keywords using links as the Ahref. There should be at least 6 internal links. Use keyword rich anchor text. The article is “Best Four Season Italian Designer Suit Brands in the World” You can write about the following brands: Kiton (Sartorial company with top class Neapolitan Tailored suits that include four season fabrics), Cesare Attolini (for their beautifully handmade Sartorial Suits), Sartorio Napoli (For their use of modern fabrics such as Mohair and EA together to offer a unique four season suit experience), Boss (for their Italian cut, even if they’re a German brand, they also use Virgin Wool which is a great four season fabric). Here are some links to include as markdown internal links in the article:

“ ”

“ ”

“ ”

“ ”

“ ”

“ “

“ ”

This prompt will then automatically create an article that can be literally copied and pasted into Shopify or WordPress. You may need to use HTML Washer if the outputted formatting from ChatGPT is bad.

Second Prompt
The second prompt we’re going to use is to create already formatted content that can be easily automatically uploaded into either WordPress or Shopify. If you are using Shopify you can use Matrixify to do this, it’s completely free if you only do 10 pages at a time. In order to do more pages, you would have to upgrade – however 10 pages is great because ChatGPT hits its limit at around 8 definitions anyway.

The idea is to use the following prompt to create a glossary that is already separated into different columns and rows, and can be therefore very easily pasted into a spreadsheet that can be then uploaded to Shopify extremely easily.

The reason we would want to do this is two fold, number 1, you could rank for some good keywords, number 2, you can embed a bit of content on those pages that links to all your important pages.

Here is the prompt:

Create a table The columns should be, 1. Handle (url slug), 2. Title (write What is a for the title) 3. Body HTML, 4. Title tag for google 5. Meta description. The 2nd column should be written in HTML, for example with p tags


Sometimes referred to as “furnishings” in higher-end menswear circles, this term refers to anything in a tailored outfit that isn’t jacket, trousers, shirt, or shoes. Examples include ties, belts, pocket squares, braces, cufflinks, and the like.

Alteration Hand

A professional specializing in making modifications to existing articles of clothing, rather than creating garments from scratch. See bushelman.


A term that refers to the wide ends of a tie, both front and back. American in origin.


Perhaps the most popular tartan in existence, this is a multi-colored diamond pattern, often with an overplaid called a “raker” pattern. Commonly found on socks and sweaters or jumpers.


An Italian fabric mill headquartered near Naples. Known for high quality and fabrics that often appeal to the dandy set.


A corruption of the phrase “arm’s eye,” this refers to the armhole of the jacket.


A type of tie with square ends of equal width. Typically worn for formal daytime wear. The name comes from Ascot Heath, the English racetrack where it was first worn.

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0:35 First Prompt ChatGPT content with contextualized internal links already inside
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5:18 Example article from TODAY
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