ChatGPT Trading strategy 20097% returns

Creating a trading strategy with chatgpt seems interesting and thats what we will do in this video. We will discuss the benefits and the learning advantages in the algo trading and quant trading industry by using ChatGPT with many examples in Python and Pinescript codes.

Our Course's

Algorithmic Trading Python FULL TUTORIAL

Full Beginner Tutorial for Tradingview Pinecript:


0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Create algorithmic trading strategy chatgpt
2:35 – Backtesting moving average strategy
3:30 – Generating Code for backtesting in chatgpt
4:27 – Download stock data code in python
5:25 – Python code for yfinance chatgpt
5:13 – Forward Testing
7:00 – Optimization
9:10 – Course Strategy results via Optimization
11:24 – Machine Learning Optimization Code in Python in Chatgpt
12:35 – Parameter Optimization
13:45 – Moving Average parameter Optimization
15:35 – API for brokers python
16:45 – Trading strategy in cloud chatgpt
17:30 – Pinescript code for moving average
18:40 – Trying the trading strategy generated by Chatgpt
21:00 – Asking chatgpt to create a 3000% strategy
22:00 – Creating a momentum long only strategy
23:00 – Backtesting the strategy generated by chatgpt
23:40 – Tweaking strategy to get 20097% returns
28:15 – Finding intrinsic value of company using chatgpt

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