ChatGPT: This AI has a JAILBREAK?! (Unbelievable AI Progress)

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ChatGPT, OpenAI's newest model is a GPT-3 variant that has been fine-tuned using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, and it is taking the world by storm!

Sponsor: Weights & Biases

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Sponsor: Weights & Biases
3:20 – ChatGPT: How does it work?
5:20 – Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback
7:10 – ChatGPT Origins: The GPT-3.5 Series
8:20 – OpenAI's strategy: Iterative Refinement
9:10 – ChatGPT's amazing capabilities
14:10 – Internals: What we know so far
16:10 – Building a virtual machine in ChatGPT's imagination (insane)
20:15 – Jailbreaks: Circumventing the safety mechanisms
29:25 – How OpenAI sees the future




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