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In today's video on ChatGPT explained, we will understand what is chatGPT and how OpenAI was able to create this revolutionary chatbot. This introduction to ChatGPT video will teach you about the versatility of ChatGPT and what makes it so much more advanced than other Artificial Intelligence-based ChatBots. From acting as a multifunctional productivity tool to the perfect virtual assistant, the possibilities regarding ChatGPT are seamless.

00:00 What is ChatGPT?
00:38 ChatGPT Explained
01:08 ChatGPT in Sales
01:29 ChatGPT in Marketing
01:46 ChatGPT in Programming
02:09 ChatGPT in Content Creation
02:28 ChatGPT in customer support
02:57 Drawbacks of ChatGPT
03:52 Future of ChatGPT

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ChatGPT poses a lot of promise for the future of AI. From full-scale d automated divisions in organizations to serving as the perfect digital assistant, ChatGPT is a bot for the future aimed at solving the problems of today with the tools of tomorrow. The ability to carry out a myriad of tasks with minimum manpower will boost productivity at organizations in every sector, thanks to the revolutionary ChatGPT.

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