Chat GPT Coding – Make A Profitable Trading Strategy In Five Minutes!

Make a profitable trading strategy in five minutes with Chat GPT coding! Many traders find coding a profitable strategy difficult, Chat GPT makes the process lightning fast with no coding experience required!

In this video you'll learn:
01: What is Chat GPT?
02: What is TradingView and Pine Script?
03: How To Use Natural Language Prompts (NLP) to make Chat GPT write Pine Script
04: Create a simple Automated Trading Strategy in Pine Script with Chat GPT
05: Create a complex Automated Trading Strategy in Pine Script with Chat GPT
06: Tips and Best Practices for using Chat GPT

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Use Chat GPT:
Use TradingView:
My VWMA/SMA Divergence Strategy on TradingView:

Time Stamps:
0:00 Introduction: Let ChatGPT Do The Work For You!
0:50 What Is ChatGPT?
02:40 Introduction to TradingView and Pine Script
03:58 Using ChatGPT To Generate Pine Script
08:06 Automating Your Trading Strategy With Chat GPT
15:10 Making A Complete Strategy With ChatGPT
20:57 Making Complex Strategies With ChatGPT
23:21 Tips & Tricks: Best Practices For Using ChatGPT
25:00 Conclusion

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