Build your ChatGPT Clone in Python with OpenAI API and Gradio – End-to-End Tutorial

OpenAI API allows us to build a Chatbot using the latest text-davinci-003 (which many consider as GPT3.5 model). We can use this model to build our ChatGPT clone. Even though it won't be as same as ChatGPT, this is the closest to ChatGPT that we have today. ChatGPT used InstructGPT as base model to develop which is the same as text-davinci-003.

The API is extremely adept at carrying on conversations with humans and even with itself. With just a few lines of instruction, we've seen the API perform as a customer service chatbot that intelligently answers questions without ever getting flustered or a wise-cracking conversation partner that makes jokes and puns. The key is to tell the API how it should behave and then provide a few examples.

Code –

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