Automate Excel Using ChatGPT (SURPRISING results)

Test ChatGPT's AI for Excel to make formulas, macros, and more.
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In this video we test chatGPT (artificial intelligence chatbot) for Excel asking it to write basic formulas, all the way to advanced Macros on VBA.
Specifically we test the following:
– Use a formula to find unique values in a range
– Use a statement to check if a condition is true
– Create a dropdown list (data validation)
– Write code using VBA for Excel Macros to automate tasks
Finally we also test Excel's built in AI tool under "analyse data"

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0:00​ ​ – Easy Test (Excel Formula)
1:50​ – Intermediate Test (IF Statement)
3:21​ – Advanced Test (Data Validation)
6:05​ – Expert Test (Macro)
9:45 – Excel's AI Tool

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