8 Extensions and Techniques to improve ChatGPT.

This is why AI is dangerous:

Hi, in this video I've talked about all the tools and techniques you can use to improve ChatGPT's impact on your everyday life and your career.
ChatGPT is already powerful but you can unlock its real power by adding some tools and knowing some techniques to use it better.

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Web browse and reference
1:34 Change persona
3:46 Don't trust ChatGPT on facts
5:02 Add ChatGPT to Google
5:21 Export and Share
5:55 Generate prompt
6:35 ChatGPT for coding
7:08 Write emails or letters
8:00 ChatGPT voice assistant

ChatGPT Advanced (now WebChatGPT extension on chrome store):

This is the link to all of the tools and more:

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