5 Secrets to Writing with Chat GPT (Use Responsibly)

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In this video I'm revealing how Chat GPT can make you a writing legend! Discover its hidden gems like rephrasing, advanced vocabulary, and book outlines. And get ready to take your writing to the next level with FIVE powerful prompts. So, hit play now and let's start this journey together!

Chat GPT:


📝 [length] [writing results] on [topic] in the style of [style]
💬 Rephrase [text]
📚 Provide me with an outline [insert name of the book, movie etc]
🔄 Replace
💼 Act as a professional [insert profession]

0:00 Advantages
0:25 Craft unique prompts
1:01 Essential Keywords
2:49 Upgrade your English
3:37 Proofreading
4:17 Secret formulas

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