5 More Secrets to Writing with ChatGPT (Advanced)

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I discuss advanced tips and tricks for using ChatGPT as a writing tool. This video covers how to customize ChatGPT's output to match your own writing style, remix other people's styles, learn and communicate with ChatGPT in an advanced manner, and go beyond a single prompt. It also highlights the ChatGPT Loop and remixing the output in order to improve your own writing skills.

📝 Analyze the following text for style and tone of voice. Apply that exact style and tone of voice to all your future responses:
💻 How can I use [style of writing] to create successful [output]
🕵️♀️ Give me examples of popular [type of text]
💼 Simulate a high level interview for a chief copywriter by asking questions as if you are a potential employer. In this scenario, I am taking the role of the employee and you ask increasingly hard questions to screen my competence, but only after I respond. Start by introducing yourself.
🐧 Write me a 50 word essay about penguins in the style of Borat with a PhD in zoology
🔨 Try again
💬 Write me the first 500 words of a 1000 word essay about penguins in the style of Bukowski.
🏃♂️ Keep going


0:00 My Secrets
0:44 Teach Your Style
3:06 Improve Writing Skill
4:45 ChatGPT Loop
7:20 Advanced Styles
8:36 Mini E-Book
9:05 Follow-Up Prompts

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